Sunday, January 14, 2007

I love hot roaring fires to warm my nose....

And chewing on toys like only Mummy knows...

But the moment I always cherish with joy,
Is cuddling Mummy.
I am her special boy.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fun at Christmas??!! I don't think so. Mummy bought Daddy an I-pod and Bose docking station for Christmas. He was over the moon!! His smiling face made me wag my tail with anticipation. So why was that the end of Daddy fun, and the beginning of sad Mummy? Mummy said something about being an i-pod widow. I am not sure what that means....but I think it had something to do with Daddy hogging the computer all Christmas leaving Mummy to drink her home made sloe gin all on her own. The gin made her smile, but Daddy with a pile of CD's by the computer didn't. So. I resolved to do my best to cheer her up as she looked so lonely. I rolled over on my back and wagged my stumpy tail. I even developed a new trick of catching my lips all my new grown up teeth making me grin in a really wierd way...good jobs... it made Mum laugh.

Short of new things to do to help Mummy, Loui came to the rescue. Tagged by a new years resolution list, I have been given the opportunity to come up with some helpful tricks.......

My 2007 New Years Resolutions are

1. Eat the i-pod when Daddy finally puts it down

2. Pooh somewhere secret to hide the digested evidence.

3. Run away for a few hours to give Mummy and Daddy some essential grieving/ bonding time together looking for me.

4. Look as cute as I can when they find me, so I don't get into trouble.

5. Repeat all of the above if the insurance pays up for the missing item and replaces it..........

Big toothy lips caught on the gnashers grin. Hee heee


I tag MJ!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas time is about the family. Or at least that is what I heard Mummy saying the other day. Mummy and Daddy are my family. They are all I have known and they love my little socks off, and I will be with them for Christmas...but sometimes I wonder if they are really all I have known? They don't look like me. Or smell like me. I know that Daddy farts all the time which is a gift I posess too, but somehow I know we are different. Sometimes in my dreams I see other Boxer doggies. I feel them licking me and nipping my ears. I smell their doggy fur and cuddle up with them for a snooze. They seem so real, but I can't quite place them. Perhaps they are not really a dream. Perhaps they are my real family. Perhaps they were the siblings I was thrown into the world with one day, and my Mummy picked me out of all of them. I've heard her say that I was the best choice. But what does that mean? And where will my lost doggy family be this Christmas? Which loving human hands will be stroking their bellies....?

Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been tagged!!!!
Loui got me.
Over my short 5 months, I've played in the park and been nipped at the heels by friendly doggies. I have run like a maniac to avoid being put on the lead, and wrestled with the postman...but just when I thought it was safe to stand still, there he was. Bold as brass. Tagging me. So, it looks like I am 'it'.
But Loui's tag looks like fun to me, so I'll give it a whirl.

5 things I would like this Christmas...

1. To be able to sleep in Mummy's bed. Hhhhhaaaahhhhhhh (big sigh of contemplating contentment.)
2. To get to the Turkey dinner before Loui...ha ha ha ha!!!!! I'm a little monkey!!!!
3. I would just love to dive into the big pile of Christmas wrapping paper on the floor after Mummy has opened all of her presents. I would chew and rip and fling and have just the best Christmas ever!!
4. To lick that dollop of Guiness of Mummy's nose.
5. In fact, I wouldn't mind finishing off the whole glass if she would just nip to the loo.....

5 things I would really prefer not to contend with this Christmas

1. Eating dried doggy food when there are rich turkey pickings on the kitchen counter.....if I just skulk about looking harmless, I might just get to pinch a wing...even a sprout would do.

2. Having to sit on the floor because Auntie Celia and the twins take up far too much sofa room....

3. Making yellow snow. Although I have heard from a trustworthy authority that it is great fun to make warm wiggly lines, I really prefer to hold it in and have a lie by the warm fire...

4. If I manage to aquire one of the twins Christmas presents as a chew toy...I hope that Daddy does not find out :0(

5. If Loui gets to the Turkey dinner first........ooowwwwwwwwwwoooohhhhhhhhh (big whiney howl).

I'd like to sniff some friends bottoms...and I hope that they will see it as a chummy tag and let me know their Christmas wishes too....I tag:

Caroline -

Ces -

Menchie -

Love Samson


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Caroline!!!!!!

There are many days in a lifetime. Some days are long, some are short. Some days are rainy, and some are sunny and full of frolicking fun (I should know that best, as I am a Boxer). But the best kind of days are birthdays. Big, blinding, brilliant, beautiful birthday's. And tomorrow, that good, fabulous luck falls at the feet of Aunty Caroline!!!!!!!

21 today!!! 21 today!!!! (If you say it loudly enough, with your eyes tightly shut, it really might come true!!!).

So. I am putting on my best collar - the one with the shiny tab with my name on - and brushing my coat until it shines. I am off to Caroline's birthday party.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday is the best day of the week. Mondays are long and dreary. They signify the beginning of days when Mummy is at work. The start of boredom. Tuesdays are just a continuation of Monday. Wednesday brings hope, but Thursday is just a dragged out add on to the Wednesday.

Then it is Friday!!! Friendly Friday when Mummy comes home early. I can sleep when she is not home. But lonely sleep in my thermal kennel is not quite the same as warm cuddly sleep on my Liverpool F.C blanket. Warm cuddly sleep next to Mummy. Warm cuddly sleep knowing that I am not on my own.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Poor little fellow, Mr.Squirrel. Oh poor little fella!!! It was an accident by all accounts, and a dreadful one too!
I regularly go walkies along the canal with Mummy. The air is fresh and clean and I sometimes get to meet other doggy friends if I am lucky. Mummy lets me play with them - my favourite boy is Mojo, a fluffy and friendly Husky. We met that day and I was all jumpy and excited. We had been running in the field by the canal and Mojo had a good roll in Fox pooh (not my idea of a good time, but he looked so cool doing it! Smelt great too). His Human called him and we went our seperate ways. Still full of beans, I leapt along, enjoying the long grass tickling my tummy - when suddenly splash!!!!! A little squirrel leaped in front of me and dived into the water!! He looked fabulous flying through the air, and he began to swim effortlessly through the water to the other side. The bank on the far side had been built up with corrugated metal to stop the bank from collapsing and the poor fella couldn't get out. You could see the panic in his eyes as he swam up and down, up and down. Mummy shouted and I barked 'Swim back!! You can get out over here!!' - but he either could not hear us, or he thought I was going to eat him, and he continued splashing with fright.
By the time we walked round and over the bridge to his side, he was nearly dead. Gentle ripples in the water showed where he was, and as Mummy parted the grass, we could see him hanging on to the edge. He was soaked through to the skin and was gently fitting. Mummy was a hero. She always comes to the rescue when there is trouble. When I fell in the canal she pulled me out and dried my wet fur. Now, in this little boy's hour of need, she pulled him out too.
She wrapped him in her coat - it was freezing, but she gave up her coat to warm the frail little chap in her arms. We remembered that my Irish friend the Lock Keeper was only 10 minutes away. He is a special man - he lets me eat his cheese sandwiches (although Mummy does not approve) and always has time to say hello. We took the Squirrel to the Lock Keeper and he put him in his warm shed and left him to recover.
Last night we returned to the locks to see how the boy was doing. It had taken 2 hours, but he had dried out, fluffed up his fur and the Lock Keeper let him out into the wild . Our poor unfortunate friend could go back to his family and Mummy, the Lock Keeper and I could feel satisfied with our heroic moment.